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Bio Biotecnologia Animal



At the end of January 2007, was born in Brasilia the first calf clone resulted of the technical partnership among BIO, the Laboratory of Biotechnology of Reproduction and Embryology of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty– UFRGS, led by Prof. Dr. Jose Luiz Rodrigues and Central Caiapó, owned by Dr. João Pimenta da Veiga Filho. Affectionately called Fabi, the calf is a product of the Nuclear Transfer technique. In this work, the cloned embryos were gotten using electron-fusion of stem cells, obttanined from adipose tissue of an important cow of Nelore sire, with cytoplasms from enucleated oocytes. After 7 days of in vitro culture, the cloned embryos were transferred to the recipient heifers at Central Caiapó. The calf was born clinically well, at 289 gestation days and it had around 35 kg.


Carrying out all the stages of the fertilization process with BIO Animal Biotechnology you gain more technology, more quality, better results and many discounts. With BIO, the more you invest, greater will be the return.
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Stem Cells

Treatment of injury of superficial digital flexor tendon in races horses (PSI).
Know more about the technique that is revolutionizing the world-wide medicine and is already available for your animals. BIO, pioneer in the use of stem cells in the veterinary medicine in Latin América. Make contact with us to elaborate the best strategy for your animal!

We are available to attend you. Make contact with us to elaborate the best strategy for your farm!

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